Lexicon, Sweden´s largest educational company, has in collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen created a Java education that is meant to help IT-companies in our region, Småland and Blekinge, to find possible employees in order to grow and compete in an more and more competitive environment. Our education is lasting for five months and at the end of the education we have a three months long internship. It is in this internship part that we would like you to give, our talented participants, an opportunity to prove themselves in your organization. First, we will provide you with CV of the candidates that match your preferences, after that we arrange for you to have an interview with the participant in question and maybe a work sample. After this we discuss when it is a good time for your company to start the internship. During the internship we will be in contact with both you and the participant to make certain that everything is progressing as expected. The participants are fully insured during the whole internship. The outline of the course that the participants has gone through is shown in the navigation bar under Course Overview. If you have any questions or want to know more please contact us, our contact information can be found in the navigation bar to the right.